Kia orana and welcome

My name is Trish Tau, owner operator of Wedding Planner Rarotonga.  As a Wedding Planner I have the best job in the world, I live in a tropical paradise and I get to turn your wedding dreams into reality.

It’s an amazing experience helping couples create their perfect wedding day.  Playing a pivotal role creating lifelong memories is such a privilege and a great reward as a Wedding Planner.  My bubbly personality, winning smile and extensive knowledge will ensure your special day is unforgettable. 

On a sad note, the pandemic which is affecting many globally in the wedding industry including the Cook Islands thrust us into uncharted waters.  Although we faced uncertain times I am confident we will all emerge more resilient than when the pandemic started.

The team at Wedding Planner Rarotonga have worked tirelessly to redevelop our existing services and Venue to offer a safe environment for Weddings once our boarders open again.   At Wedding Planner Rarotonga a silver lining is in the making with planned expansion into Specialty Events offering a number of packages to suit different Groups at a Private Garden Venue with planned development in the new year… this space.

The Wedding & Events Team is committed to provide intimate, safe and memorable Events from  idyllic locations in the Cook Islands. 

Arohanui, kia Manuia

Trish Tau


We network with holiday home providers situated close to our Private Beach Venue – Papa Tikas.  Planned development at our Garden Venue will include Accommodation / Stay-cation packages.  I suggest you book early to avoid disappointment especially in the months of May through to October.  Send us a query on our contacts page and the team will be in-touch to provide you details of our Venues & Packages available.